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I have recently taken up Digital Photography and am inspired by a new way of looking at things. The challenges which come from not being able to change unwanted elements with a brush have been exciting. There is so much to learn but I am excited about the possibilities it opens up in designing future paintings. This series is called, "Both Light and Dark."

Artist Statement

Light and dark create contrast. More than that though, they go hand in hand.  The dark makes the light seem even brighter, and the light makes it possible for us to see through the dark. In these photographs, I used elements of the landscape where there was strong natural light and stark shadows. This contrast obviously makes for stronger artwork, but the light and dark also symbolize the good and bad things that happen to us along with the hope and depression we all sometimes feel.


In my life, I’ve found that some times feel dark and hopeless, as if there will never be light again. But it comes. It breaks through the darkness. These pieces encourage viewers to learn to see the light and recognize that darkness helps us better appreciate and be grateful for the light which we might otherwise have taken for granted.  

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