Process of Creation

I am SO excited about this series! It's an idea that I've had floating around in my head for around a year now and am finally getting around to putting on paper. ​It involves some collage work, some watercolor and ink, and some watercolor and pencil. A little bit of whatever it takes to help get the message across. And the whole series is a lot more conceptual than my usual work, but that's part of what has me so excited about it.


In the first place, it's about the artistic process. Most of the time you see paintings that are this beautiful finished product and you have no idea what went into it. I wanted to lift the curtain a little and let you backstage. Give you a peek into my head and the decisions I make as I create a painting; show you the process of bringing my ideas to life.

And for me, there's a religious aspect as well. As I've pondered on my artistic process of creation, I've thought more about The Creation and wondered if my process resembles His at all. I've imagined the beauty of the world coming to be. 


And I'm trying to share both of those ideas in paintings that somehow preserve the unfinished process while being beautifully finished and ready to stand on their own. Or hang on the wall at least.  

*Will be available later this year hopefully!

"Bringing a Forest into View"

"Making a Mountain"

"Creating Layers of Growth"

'The First Tree"

© 2020 by Alisha B Whitman.