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I know not everyone believes the way that I do, and I hope that they are able to find peace in their way. But for me, a series on healing would be inauthentic and incomplete without talking of the One who said, “Come into me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” When physical healing was slow to come in my life, I have prayed for this. And miraculously, when there was no evidence that things would get any better, I have been given hope. My anxious mind has, through absolutely no feat of my own, been stilled with peace. And I’ve been given the strength to go on for one more day when I cried I was done. It was not the healing I wanted, but it has been the healing that I, and my faith, needed.


-Watercolor on Aquabord

-5" x 5" (sold unframed)

-free shipping

Burdens Made Light (Grief and Healing Series)

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