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I was working on this painting in my studio, moving the trees around, trying to get them just right, when my grumpy teenager came in the room. She was having a bad day but perked up when she saw this arrangement of the trees because she thought they looked like a family looking out the window at the sunset together. It cheered her up so I kept it! Sweet moments like that together makes it feel like everything will be okay.

Similarly, finishing creating a painting gives me that feeling and makes me think about how in Genesis, when God finished creating for the day, He "saw that it was good." I'm only creating small paintings, not an entire world, but I feel like it gives me a glimpse into how He felt. 


- 13" x 18" painting

- 22" x 28" frame

- Watercolor collage on paper

* Sold framed, free shipping

Watching the Sunset Together

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