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I am a busy mom of five children, which is absolutely as crazy and chaotic as it sounds. Endlessly entertaining and rewarding, but crazy and chaotic! In the early years when I struggled with the weight and repetition and exhaustion of all that came with our life, I felt a bit like I was losing myself in the diapers and dishes. On advice from an older mother friend, I turned to painting--and found myself. It is the language my soul speaks. Thus I paint to fill a spiritual and emotional need to communicate, but also to fulfill what I've come to realize is part of my purpose here on earth: to make life more beautiful. Life can be so hard, and though I don't know what your struggles are or what mine might be in the future, I know that we can all use more beauty in our lives to lift our spirits and bring joy. 

Thus the places I choose to paint are ones that bring me that joy. The tall trees and stormy clouds, swirling rivers and mountain heights that inspire me endlessly. They are places that make me feel closer to my Creator, whose divine creativity expands my mind and makes me feel so loved. When we explore the outdoors as a family, I soak in as much of that inspiration and closeness as I can--either painting on site or taking photos to use as a reminder back in my studio. I make a conscious decision to leave out the unimportant details and focus on that feeling of wonder that drew me to it in the first place. I paint the interconnectivity of it all, how the flow of the wind is seen in the dancing of the trees and the swirling of the waters. And I paint it with enthusiasm. In doing so, I hope to help others experience the joy I get from being in and part of beautiful creation. As you view my works here and hopefully on the walls of your home, I hope it reminds you to slow down and see--or remember--how beautiful life can be. 

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