© 2018 by Alisha B Whitman. 


"I feel that creating art fills an inherent need we all have inside to create and to communicate."

Despite being a busy mom of five small children, being an artist is not optional for Alisha. She says, "I don’t quite feel complete without the chance to stretch my creative muscles." She credits regular painting time with refreshing and clearing her mind, re-energizing, and restoring some semblance of balance to life. "In fact," she says, "I feel that creating art fills an inherent need we all have inside to create and to communicate. Thus art, to me, is an expression of this need, this desire to share and to beautify the world around us as well as that which comes from within."

Alisha's medium of choice is watercolor because of all the wonderful surprises that happen when you "let watercolors be watercolors;" although, she has been deepening her acrylics portfolio recently. Fortunate enough to be born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, she is most inspired by the God-made beauty of the world around her. When her family temporarily transplanted to North Dakota, she was happy to find that beauty comes in many different colors and shapes, but is to be found everywhere.

Alisha is also passionate about color. When most people think of watercolors, she says, "they picture pale, misty scenes that are calm and, honestly, a little boring. While that has its place, for the most part the world is rich and vibrant—far be it for me to subdue it or drain it of life. There’s definitely never a dull moment in our home!" For this reason, she loves deep, rich, exciting color. Even her acrylics reflect this vibrancy.

She received her bachelor's degree in art and English teaching from Brigham Young University, and when she's not painting she's often found teaching. She does her best to stick as much art history into her lessons as possible, as she feels deeply influenced by some of her favorite artists such as Georges Seurat, Diego Rivera and Emily Carr.