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The "not so artsy" stuff...

Thank you for visiting my site. Of course, I fully encourage you to purchase art through this site; however, I also encourage you to read these terms and conditions prior to doing so. It’s pretty straightforward stuff.


When you communicate with me via e-mail, you consent to receiving communication from me in return. Anything I communicate in those e-mails or through notices on this site satisfies legal requirements that those communications be in writing.


All text and images on this site are the property of Alisha B. Whitman and are protected by international copyright laws in the form of a Creative Commons License. Please see the copyright notice at the bottom of any page on this website for details.


This site does not collect any information from customers except that which allows me to send you art that you have purchased. Purchasing art through this site is done through PayPal and Wix. I have access to very little of your personal information. The only exception to this is if you make alternate arrangements with me personally; however, this privacy policy governs only visits to this website and purchases made hereon. Beyond PayPal and Wix, any personal information I am given will be used only to facilitate the purchase and delivery of a product or to communicate with you through agreed-upon methods. Once personal information has been used to fulfill an order, it will be disposed of or stored securely for future delivery purposes.

I will never sell, trade or give your personal information to any outside party, except for the occasional trusted third party, for the express purpose of either operating this website or facilitating the purchase and delivery of the product. Any third party who assists me with these tasks is one that has its own privacy policy or has agreed to keep personal information confidential. Information that is not of a personal nature is often used for analytics, or, if I’m lucky, marketing. But, again, that is not personal information. I do not use cookies.



When you make a purchase through this website, your product will be shipped within the agreed-upon acceptable time period. The price of shipping is dependent on the product, and will be discussed prior to purchase.


I hope you love whatever pieces you purchase through my site. But if, for some reason, you are unsatisfied with a product, you may return the product for a full refund (minus shipping) if the return package is postmarked 15 business days or less from the purchase date.

If the product is returned to me damaged in any way, no refund will be given. I will contact you and ask if you would like me to send the product back to you, or keep it.

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