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I am inspired by nature. The more I see, the more I marvel at the wondrous variety and beauty of God's creations. I try to share that in these paintings. I don't worry about all the little details, but think more about how these beautiful, wild spaces make me feel. The joy and the hope. And I try to express that with my enthusiastic colors and by connecting the elements through movement and composition.

Because they're not super realistic, I'm often asked if I just make it all up or if my paintings are of real places. They're absolutely inspired by actual places I know and love, most of which I've been to with my family as we hike and camp together. I can tell you exactly where each of them are from if you're curious! Many are unimportant local spots. The kinds of places that too often we don't stop to appreciate. Others are fantastic national parks that attract people from all over the world. But sadly, we can't all make it to places like that all the time. So for those days when you can't get out into nature, I figure that the next best thing is to have paintings of it on your walls!

Click on each painting to learn more about them. Available originals and prints can be found in my shop.

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